Algarve – Portimão Box Cup 2019


1ST PLACE – 5.000 EUROS WINNER – SWISS TEAM Flag: Switzerland on WhatsApp 2.19.62
3RD PLACE – PORTUGAL & FRANCE TEAM  Flag: Portugal on WhatsApp 2.19.62 Flag: France on WhatsApp 2.19.62

President’s Letter

Dear Team Leaders and Coaches,

The Algarve Boxing Association, in partnership with Portimão City Council and Escola de Boxe de Portimão, are pleased to invite all interested teams or boxing clubs to participate in the 3rd edition of the ALGARVE – PORTIMÃO BOX CUP, which will take place at the Gimnodesportivo Pavilion of Portimão, from march 29 till 31, 2019.

We hope you will join us in this event, because we believe that you will love the city host – Portimão – which is the 2019 European City of Sport, as well as the event and all our effort to make it memorable.

The ALGARVE – PORTIMÃO BOX CUP (APBC) has the following format:

  • Main Event (Event A) – 8 teams consisting of 6 male boxers (56kg, 60kg, 64kg, 69kg, 75kg, 81kg) and 2 female boxers (60kg and 69kg);
  • Secondary event (Event B) – designed for Junior, Youth and Senior, Men and Women in all Open Boxing weight categories.

In order to promote boxing and raise the level of competition, in the main event the team that has the highest number of wins will be the winning team of the Tournament and will receive a Prize Money, in the form of a “giant” check, worth 5,000 euros.

The secondary event will offer all athletes the opportunity to compete in the Algarve at an international level that we will guarantee to be a positive and enriching experience.

So, we want to welcome in Portimão, all national and foreign teams or clubs who wish to participate in this outstanding event.

Boxing Family, let’s all join to make APBC our next goal. Thank you again for your support, for your passion and love to our sport. It will be a great honour to meet you in Portimão!

Best regards

Sandra Silva


Algarve Boxing Association