Registration on Algarve Box Cup 2023

Fill in the Following Forms to Register your Team and Athletes!

Final Registration: November 17

1st – Register your Team
2nd – Register the Boxers


*It is mandatory for you to register your Team before you register your Athletes.


At the document check point and before the Medical Examination:

  • Boxers must proof their identity (Id card or passsaport) and present an up-to-date Boxer’s Competition Record Book;
  • Every Woman Boxer aged 18 (eighteen) or older must sign a Declaration of Non-Pregnancy, certifying that she is not pregnant; Every Girl Boxer aged under 18 (eighteen) must provide a Declaration of Non-regnancy signed by herself and at least one of her parents/legal guardians certifying that she is not pregnant at that time.




  • Medical Examination schedule may be anticipated, due to the number of registrations;
  • Boxers and R&J must present Competition Record Book with an annual Medical Certificate, signed and stamped;
  • Boxers must be examined by a Doctor before being weighed-in and considered fit to compete.
  • R&J must be examined by a Doctor before the competition starts.


  • All entered Boxers must attend the General Weigh-In in the morning of the first competition day;
  • At the Daily Weigh-In, only the maximum weight limit will be controlled, not the minimum weight limit;
  • LOC will provide Electronic scales for official weight-in and test scales.


  • Boxers will be drawn according to age classification and weight categories;
  • Competition diagrams are composed by the maximum of 8 boxers;
  • The eliminatory system will be used. At the first defeat the boxer is eliminated from the competition; the boxer who wins all the bouts will be declared the winner of his category.